As per recent update (Shurli (Subatomic Swaps) application weekly update — 29 May, 2020), I think Shurli is ready to be treated as first proof of concept application for doing subatomic swaps.

At the moment, it’s still very early stages, but trying the so far developed application will help getting some feedback from the users which will help shape the next UI/UX iterations.

We’d love to hear feedback on Shurli from you. Please fill this form to get invited to the test group:

Looking forward to hear from you.

BREAKING the news here on the Subatomic Go GUI project that I’m working on.

  • There is a name change of the project name. From now on it will be called “Shurli”.
  • It’ll be built under my company “Meshbits Limited” as open source project, as an independent project for the whole ecosystem.
  • The development goal will remain same as before, to build an independent application to work with existing wallets and making this GUI to make sub-atomic trades. And no, there is no devfee or any kind of revenue generating from this work. So far the subatomic core API does not…

Komodo Platform’s Smart Contract Technology

I love to talk on the Komodo Platform subject and specially on it’s historic development. Since I have been with Komodo Platform from its earliest days of SuperNET, I pretty much been observing and explaining its technology to its users on chat platform and different media interviews previously.

In latest event, I noticed a good question from a curious Komodo Platform chat user “Hember”

ok, KMD integrated some Turing that is Ripple and somehow this does something to BTC… wtf did I just try to read on iKomodo?
Anyone want to try to explain this shit in words that a technically…

It’s almost the end of 2018, and this year we have witnessed many 51% attacks (Double Spending attacks) on various Proof of Work (PoW) based blockchains.

I remember the days of 2015–2016 when jl777 (James Lee) was working on the SuperNET code, programmed in the C language, in which James was both creating a Decentralized Exchange solution as well as learning the core internals of Bitcoin blockchain architecture by re-coding it himself. …

Part 01

Komodo Platform, with its unique multi-chain architecture, allows for the creation of an unlimited number of independent blockchains. Traditionally, the Komodo team has called independent blockchains launched with Komodo “Assetchains.” However, I’ve recently noticed many people refer to Assetchains as “Sidechains” in public discussions and sometimes in public articles/posts/videos.

To prevent this confusion of terminology, let’s clear up what exactly Assetchains means from a regular user’s point of view and a bit of from a technical mindset as well. …

Image source:

The time when I said PIRATE in the conversation (read more about this conversation here), to me being an asset chain and private combination meant a combination of these things:

The views expressed in the community content section and other contributions on Komodo’s Medium are those of the authors and do not represent an endorsement or the opinion of Komodo or of the other members of its ecosystem.


It’s amazing to see a community can make an independent blockchain on it’s own without much help from Komodo Platform developers.

Recently, about a month ago (8/30/2018) I found few community members talking about “privacy on blockchain”. Without reading much of the #ask-jl777 channel chat log history on this discussion it reminded me of the one very amazing feature of Komodo Platform

The views expressed in the community content section and other contributions on Komodo’s Medium are those of the authors and do not represent an endorsement or the opinion of Komodo or of the other members of its ecosystem.

I have been interested in projects who are building oracles based system for blockchain [Links: 1, 2, 3, 4]. I did not want anything associated to Ethereum ecosystem and wished to see oracles on Komodo Platform.

Nothing gives me more pleasure to find oracles are possible on Komodo Platform now.

In Komodo Platform oracles crypto-conditions smart contract is not made to…

It’s been more than 1 year and ten months I have been working with Komodo Platform. When I started it was referred as SuperNET, and I joined the team to just deliver one application. Decentralised Exchange Graphical Interface. I started by solving the first puzzle, which is to have a multi-wallet coin app, and that I started as Iguana Wallet, which latter renamed to Agama Wallet because it’s wallet name was conflicting with the core daemon name iguana which was providing the RPC API calls.

I had thoughts on adding more UX type of work or doing modifications to this…

I just shared this text in Komodo Platform Slack chat with others, explaining some bare basics and some tips for using BarterDEX. Just to help any new users who might be coming to test BarterDEX and might be having tough time using it.

BarterDEX is a new world. Absolutely different underneath as you expect Bitcoin is different from regular old Banking system.

So here are few main points to understand:

BarterDEX is a Decentralised Auction System to be accurate

BarterDEX is NOT really a decentralised exchange underneath at it’s core level. It is basically a decentralised Auction System. Unlike centralised exchanges it is not guaranteed what if you put…

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