It’s been more than 1 year and ten months I have been working with Komodo Platform. When I started it was referred as SuperNET, and I joined the team to just deliver one application. Decentralised Exchange Graphical Interface. I started by solving the first puzzle, which is to have a multi-wallet coin app, and that I started as Iguana Wallet, which latter renamed to Agama Wallet because it’s wallet name was conflicting with the core daemon name iguana which was providing the RPC API calls.

I had thoughts on adding more UX type of work or doing modifications to this current BarterDEX GUI, but then I got some time to think where I am and what I want to achieve. I accept that UX is not really my strength, but I’m good at taking complex task and breaking it down to make it in chunks and progress on it in UI form. That’s what jl777 noticed in my capabilities and I’m thankful he gave me the opportunity to work on BarterDEX Graphical Interface work.

Moving Forward

But, as I understand I think I should leave the better UX work to the more capable people, and I think I have done my best to whatever extent I could to take the BarterDEX GUI to the point where it matches the multiple iterations of jl777’s codebase in BarterDEX core API. It must be sufficient for ANY 3rd party devs to use this BarterDEX GUI as reference and get some idea how the front-end and back-ent interact with each other and how the whole system works. It feels good when some technical capable person criticise the current BarterDEX, and then offers better technical solution. It means they understand inside out of the BarterDEX application. That is what matters the most to me. I know buildog (discontinued project by their team) also referred to BarterDEX GUI codebase to make their amazing user friendly BarterDEX app, and I hope any company or team gets this help too.

Out of all this assessment of my own work and where I want to go with, I realised I can do better with my strengths to help Komodo Platform project than just pursuing BarterDEX GUI excellence.

I can do a lot more for Komodo Platform

I have a lot more ideas which I can work on and which specifically depends on Komodo Platform tech and what jl777 has built.

  • There’s scalability solutions needed to match the future assetchains volumes by the project. It might not be a sudden need to have this as solution, but when it will be needed, we should have the tools and developer help when it will be most needed. It is something which no support agent can take care of. In my opinion this can best be taken care by creating scripts, tools, developer documentation and applications for system admins, blockchain core developers and any new business who wants to upgrade from Web2 technology to Web3 technology.

And I hope to win the coming elections of Komodo Notary Nodes and pledge every KMD earning from them to improve on Komodo Platform infrastructure.

  • I have may other ideas to explore which I can develop using my project assetchain token MESH which is notarising on Komodo Platform Notary Nodes since the beginning.

There is a lot I can help by concentrating on what I can do instead of chasing perfection in my current project BarterDEX GUI.

As of now it was mostly just me working on this BarterDEX UI project. But it’s better if more minds start contributing to it. And I think since it’s Open Source project I expect more developers either from companies or individuals starts improving on it by pushing their code updates. Don’t wait for someone’s approval or team’s decisions. Just find something to fix and push the fix. That’s the whole point of open source software, and for the goodness of not being a corporate or enterprise company.

Essence of Free Open Source Software

I don’t see ANY Komodo Platform project as only team responsibility to work on and improve. If that was the case I couldn’t have spent extra 8+ hours after my 8+ hours of day job on SuperNET project to help it. I was never a team member, but I did because I have the zeal to learn and contribute. I expect the same from any other developer and take the responsibility to push improvements to the project they have most trust in Komodo Platform. If you really have trust in Komodo Platform, just start helping this way or the other.

Team Meshbits

This whole thought process gives birth to team Meshbits. I have teamed up with Nitin Sharma who is from the very same technical background as I am and posses multiple talents in Information Technology; currently working with Australia Post with responsibilities of Solutions Architect/DevOps Engineer. I spent long hours and days sharing my blockchain understanding and skills (to whatever extent I have) with him and he’s picking really quick. Thanks to him we can setup multiple Komodo and any Komodo Platform based Assetchain ElectrumX SPV servers in matter of minutes. He’s currently expanding and improving on his server scripts which will then later be open sourced on our Github Organisation Group here:

Meshbits will highly focus on creating:

  • Scripts and toolset for Developers which will help creating independent projects from scratch using Komodo Platform technologies.

These are all things related developers and server infrastructure. I can’t help but think majorly from the developer’s point of view to help Komodo Platform, as most of all they are the core of any software or platform to build their applications and services on top of it. That’s where I see big room of improvement and wish to contribute in the specific part.

We are a team of two technical person in Meshbits and hope to expand it further or collaborate with other teams in industry who wants the join the effort to help the Komodo Platform project further.

Komodo Platform Notary Nodes Election 2018

This Komodo Platform Notary Nodes elections 2018, we are standing as team Meshbits for three regions:

  • North America (NA)

You can read our proposal here:

Only the Komodo token holders will get VOTE2018 tokens to vote for their preferred Notary Node candidates.

I request you the VOTE token holders to please vote for MESHBITS team by sending your VOTE tokens to this address:


It is a Z address, a shielded, a private address and your votes will be private sent to this address.

There are more than 2 dozen Notary Node teams and individuals standing for 30 Notary Nodes available positions with different strategies and skillset and offers proposed to their voters. One common offer is the percentage of share of Komodo Notary Nodes mining rewards (KMD) share with their voters.

We at MESHBITS will not be sharing any percentage with our Voters. Instead We’ll be using our mined KMD for all the expenses required to cover the Komodo Infrastructure improvements and development that we’ll be doing and contributing to in various ways. A little example of what could be the cost for just SPV servers can be seen in this estimate example sheet screen shot:

Estimated KMD earning based on different prices, and Cost Estimation of SPV Servers

This above screen shot is still just an example and just an estimation, as the earning and the price is random and is very volatile, and we can not tell before hand how many our notary nodes will be elected in this election.

Also note that this example spreadsheet doesn’t show ANY other expenses required to manage the notary nodes from business, technical and human hours perspective.

As much earnings Meshbits will be able to get from our elected Notary Nodes we’ll be able to contribute as much good on developer resources to help improve Komodo Platform.

For this reason we as Meshbits don’t think of sharing any reward of mined KMD with our voters. It’ll all be dedicated to improve the Komodo Platform infrastructure.

I being individual will still be contributing to help Komodo Platform technically and from developer point of view wherever possible even in case our Meshbits Notary Nodes don’t get elected. I won’t be able to help much using my own funds, but will still try to help.

But if we our Notary Nodes get selected in this Komodo Platform Notary Nodes election 2018, I’ll be able to help much much better.

I hope you like what MESHBITS is offering and hope you vote for MESHBITS this coming Notary Nodes elections.

— Satinder Grewal

BlockChain Technology Enthusiast, IT Pro

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