My Open Letter to Komodo Investors

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Dear Komodo Investor,
I’m giving my most efforts ONLY dedicatedly to SuperNET and Komodo Project.

I live off only on earnings little or some that I get from Komodo Project.
There’s NO other reliable earning source for me other than SuperNET project.

I don’t think it is wrong to say SuperNET is my source of bread and butter.

I hope the community will support me.

I’m not only developing the GUI of Komodo Project’s product like EasyDEX but also making enhancements to the product where possibly I can. To make third party dev’s life bit easier.

I think a developer can understand better the kind of efforts that I’m putting into Komodo Project and SuperNET project as a whole.

Information Technology is my Passion, and I LOVE ❤ working on cutting edge technology, to my knowledge/opinion I have’t found ANY other better technology to work with; the project where I can utilize my existing and new insights to the full extent.

I have seen ups and downs in my career,
I have done freelance work,
Had a small venture back in India in partnership,
Have voluntarily used to work for SuperNET as a third party supporting dev for free at unaccountable instances, and sometimes on paid.

And Now I work FULL Time on SuperNET project. SuperNET is the MOST exciting and satisfactory job I have ever done.

If I compare my so far or whatever efforts I have made to push the project to production version, I think would be right to say, I did timely delivery of tasks whatever I committed.

It’s my pleasure and honor to be part of SuperNET project/Komodo Project.

I don’t go with politics, so please don’t PM me to ask if I’ll VOTE for some particular candidate. It’s all my decision, and I’ll think to thoroughly to whomever I’ll Vote for Komodo Notary Node.

To my opinion, each and everyone’s VOTE in this Distributed Technology matters. Use it wisely, and don’t be greedy on sharing your VOTE power with the one who HODL more Komodo Tokens. You Never know how a little % of Voting power can massively change the long-term outcome of the project.

If you VOTE, please consider these things:

  • How much the Notary Node candidate dedicated to Project.
  • What’s the knowledge level of Notary Node candidate to support the Project and take the project to even further, by utilizing their skills and resources to spread the tech to masses? Yes, Notary Nodes will make their solid efforts to promote Komodo. It’s essential to their survival and keeping in Notary Nodes business.
  • How much a Notary Node candidate’s efforts have put in the test network. To regular investors it doesn’t sound like anything. But the investors out there who never been to #notarynode channel (in SuperNET Slack)have NO Idea at all How much dedicatedly all candidates put their efforts to Simple C developer @jl777’s work. He’s a Ninja, a Master of what he does. We Notary Node Operates had really hard time coping up with this, so many Updates Every Single Day since the Komodo test network started. Imagine doing 10x or more times of Notary Nodes update every day!!!… And believe when you wake up the next morning you have already sometimes missed a new released, few bugs found, and already been fixed in like 6 hours or so!!… These are massive multi Ninja updates James delivered throughout Komodo test network, and Notary Nodes operators have managed it well.
  • When voting Notary Node, consider how much that person is dedicated to promoting, develop, and is investing his/her resources around Komodo technology. It’s natural the person invested highly in the tech will give their life to make it a success. Don’t ONLY go on the words, ASK them the questions you might have about
  • WHY they fit best to be a Notary Node Candidate?
  • Why are They Better than other options around?
  • What motivates them to be Notary Node Operator?
  • Is that only they want to earn the Subsidy being a Notary Node or they already have any Business setup around Komodo Project?
  • How many years they have been developing or running a business related to SuperNET project or have been an excellent support to SuperNET project.
  • Don’t just go on their words, Do a research about them. Find their usernames and follow them on various channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, BitcoinTalk Forum, NXT Forum, Forum, Steemit, reddit,, different news sites and so on.

If you are just blindly voting for a candidate and are sharing your vote power with promises given by the whales, the chances are you are being Manipulated, and in the longer term it may not be as optimum decision and could be a troublesome effect on network.

For NOTAY NODES We need efficient, dedicated, highly technical knowledgeable Notary Nodes Operators. Not Investors. Investors can be happy hodling KMD tokens for a long term as that’s the best option for them to my opinion.

I hope you understand the point I’m bringing. And I’m fine if you don’t agree with some points I said. :)

My Name is Satinder Grewal.

My handle/username for Komodo Notary Node is @grewalsatinder

You can view my Komodo Election profile at

Watch my vlogs explaining Komodo and SuperNET tech on my YouTube Channel here:

Follow me on Twitter:

Please Vote for me when the ICO site allows you to Vote for a Notary Note Candidate.


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BlockChain Technology Enthusiast, IT Pro

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