PIRATE is all about privacy & nothing about piracy

The time when I said PIRATE in the conversation (read more about this conversation here), to me being an asset chain and private combination meant a combination of these things:

I forgot that pirates had a bad side in it’s name, and only quick typed it like an answer to a quick-fire asked question.

Freedom and independent: An asset chain is independent, and since properties of initial privacy coin was not even possible to do dPoW and be secured through KMD, it was a free, wild, crazy, adventurous token to experiment and play with, which could only be secured by the same old way of Proof of Work.

Anarchy: zk-SNARKS making a absolute privacy transactions only chain doesn’t allow any one to even be able to analyse this data. Even if one wants to comply with the authorities they can not give much analytic data to let them analyse this privacy transactions only blockchain. And to me that reminded me very quickly of Pirates of the Caribbean and it’s various characters. A subject or topic usually gives you a thought in visualisation and that’s how I visualised -ac_private=1 asset chain parameter. Hence a quick-fire answer = PIRATE.

Fun themed: Again thanks to the movies like Pirate of the Caribbean. Didn’t even thought of whatever horrible history of pirates might have. I never tried exploring that side of this subject.

That’s why I strongly say, this project is all about PRIVACY, and nothing about PIRACY.

Please do not associate this ultimate privacy only coin with it’s quick-fired answer name PIRATE with piracy.

Focus and highlight what it does the best, which is a forced privacy and anonymity. And now this blockchain being secured by dPoW, it becomes the most secure, private and anonymous cryptocurrency to my views in the industry. Others views might be different, I respect that.

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