Satinder’s notes on the PIRATE chain


Birth and Evolution of the Most Privacy Focused Blockchain

Just around this chat log I was getting too late for bed so went to sleep.

After some sleep, I got up, read some chat log, and followed the commands to get started with PIRATE blockchain.

I joined this network after like 14+ hours (894/60=14.9 hrs).


What I want to clear here is that we could never had such research and testing and development done further on such private transactions only blockchain if we never had such private transactions only blockchain practically available to play and test and break with.

PIRATES got their own dedicated channel, and discussion on Komodo Platform within 24 hours from an idea to implementation.

And it’s BitcoinTalk Forum Announcement thread!

Feature Complete PIRATE got monetary value

Within 48 hours of the idea of this new privacy transactions only blockchain it went from idea to research and testing to a valuable token network.

Unhappy PIRATE Community

PIRATE Became More Secure

More PIRATE for everyone

Faster better PIRATE in coming months

More private PIRATE with TOR Support




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