Satinder’s notes on the PIRATE chain


Birth and Evolution of the Most Privacy Focused Blockchain

NOTE: Skip these images and read further, as it’s just a chat log images where I found this conversation started from.


Feature Complete PIRATE got monetary value

I specifically mentioned on Bitcoin Talk announcement thread that this blockchain is started from the intentions and purposes of purely research and testing, and make sure not to spend any real valuable tokens in exchange of this PIRATE chain.

Unhappy PIRATE Community

In all this excitement, travel, family time and such short span of time I did not realised I should have indeed updated the BitcoinTalk (BTT) forum thread. And since it was made on my BTT username, I couldn’t actually share my user account details with any other person in Komodo Platform project.

PIRATE Became More Secure

Within a month of it’s inception PIRATE became the most secure private transactions only blockchain in cryptocurrency.

More PIRATE for everyone

Since the dPoW support added for PIRATE in komodod code it also had included the changes to increase the block reward halving time for miners, which incentivise more miners to join PIRATE blockchain network securing it with more block mining hash rate. The halving time increased 5x, and this change increased the total supply amount of the PIRATE blockchain to approx. of 200,000,000 too, which is the similar amount of Komodo Platform tokens will ever be.

Faster better PIRATE in coming months

PIRATE is a runtime fork of Komodo Platform. By runtime means to start PIRATE you only need komodod binary and not the Komodo Platform blockchain. The same komodod binary starts with different command line parameters to start a new totally independent blockchain.

  • We can expect private transactions time to finish in seconds where in current version it takes a minute to sometimes even hours.
  • Mobile private transactions support will be possible with Sapling.
  • Light weight wallets will be possible with Sapling upgrade.

More private PIRATE with TOR Support

Since PIRATE blockchain is all about privacy and security, it’s natural to explore and educate users on how more privacy can be added to their PIRATE installation.


It’s been an amazing journey for me and many others in Komodo Platform community so far testing and experiencing PIRATE’s evolution.



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