Shurli — Sub-Atomic Swaps Application

BREAKING the news here on the Subatomic Go GUI project that I’m working on.

  • There is a name change of the project name. From now on it will be called “Shurli”.
  • It’ll be built under my company “Meshbits Limited” as open source project, as an independent project for the whole ecosystem.
  • The development goal will remain same as before, to build an independent application to work with existing wallets and making this GUI to make sub-atomic trades. And no, there is no devfee or any kind of revenue generating from this work. So far the subatomic core API does not allow such revenue generating, and I don’t wish to make any type of devfee etc types of changes in GUI side. So, it’ll be free to use. I’ll think of any revenue generation ideas as advanced or pro features as gradually the application develops further.
Subatomic Go application — Work in progress showcase video

Why I changed the name to “Shurli”:

From my past experience when I started official wallet GUI for Komodo Platform I built the project under name “Iguana Wallet”, which later got name changed to “Agama Wallet”, because the wallet’s daemon which was providing API for this wallet was also called “iguana”, resulting in confusion in general support and developer conversations. Since for subatomic swaps the core daemon which is providing this API and the technology name is also called “subatomic”, I was thinking about this name change of Subatomic Go application for sometime while working on this GUI. Was looking for something which kind of resembles the nature of sub-atomic swaps, which are very small in size, extremely fast to trade on decentralised network. So, the word “Shurli” comes from Arabic/Urdu/Punjabi languages where it’s commonly used as a name for girls. But I remember this word from my childhood where we called “Shurli” to some set of firecrackers, like Bottle Rockets (google search Diwali Rockets) or Ground Spinner with fire (google search Diwali Chakri Firecrackers).

Bottle Diwali Rocket. source:

So, Shurli is a symbol of fast, small, light and happiness. It easily brings smile to someone’s face who knows the meaning of “shurli” from Diwali firecrackers. And in cryptocurrency I see it perfectly fits the narrative of “To The Moon”, where Bitcoin rides the rocket to the moon.

Bitcoin To The Moon MEME. source:

For now, I will totally focus on the backend core functionality of the Shurli application for Alice side of trades, making it possible to make subatomic swaps easily via GUI. I have done a bit of more research on the user interface side and have pretty good ideas on how to improve it’s UI/UX further which I’ll work after completing the current API level tasks I have in hand for Shurli which is to make it show relevant information on user interface. Once the backend side of Shurli will be stronger, I’ll start working on improving the UI/UX further.

ns408 (Nitin) is working with me in Meshbits already from Season 2 Notary Node days and he’s already helping with the developer operations side of work and will join me with Project Management side of work.

So far SHossain has helped big time with setting up test orders and testing the Shurli application, and he’s still doing so.

I’m not asking for anything else but the more important thing from communities in Komodo Platform ecosystem, more than money, which is your support. I only expect the community to please be part of the testing and help me improve the application with your feedback. I believe it’ll help whole Komodo Platform ecosystem with adoption.

I’ll soon share more information on collecting contacts of interested testers who wants to be part of Shurli application. We’ll chose the testers based on their technical capabilities and invite them to Meshbits’ private testers group. I really hope that communities in cryptocurrency ecosystem like my work. We’ll surely reach success with your support.

Thank you all for supporting me so far.

BlockChain Technology Enthusiast, IT Pro

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