What is Subatomic Swaps and how it fits in Atomic Swaps architecture

  • WHY DEXP2P came to existence: For faster, scalable communication medium for Marketmaker v2.
  • WHAT it can do: With default set of messaging format, it can be used more than just a communication medium and be used for creating different level of P2P apps with a mesh of other existing CryptoConditions based DApps and/or creating an one for special purposes with specific use case based on ideas an innovations from community developers.
  • And WHAT it is capable of.
  • Possible to trade micro transactions.
  • Super Fast communication between trading nodes resulting very very fast trades.
  • The trust factor moves from blockchain side communication to subatomic’s protocol where you can trust and distrust the trader on network by identifying it with its pubkey linked with the trades.
  • Subatomic is ideally useful for small trades only. Example if you want to to trade $100, you must use small portion of the trades of this $100 on Subatomic swaps, since these are faster, and in any case the other party does not fulfil the other rest of the trades, you won’t lose much of your capital in these trades. As of now it allows all these trades not simultaneously with any API, but this can be simulated if you execute subatomic trades command yourself in multiple terminal tabs/windows. So, this feature can be customisable coded in GUI by the GUI developers.
  • Allows trustless trades in all of it’s process
  • Allows big volume trades on all supported cryptocurrencies if offers to support (almost 99% of current market cryptocurrencies)




BlockChain Technology Enthusiast, IT Pro

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Satinder Grewal

Satinder Grewal

BlockChain Technology Enthusiast, IT Pro

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