Why subatomic swaps are fast?

  • With subatomic swaps there is no DEX fee. The user only is paying the network transaction fees for the cryptocurrency they are trading on this network.
  • With subatomic swaps, since it’s not blockchain based scripts logic it allows to make trades with those cryptocurrencies which at the moment are not supported by existing “atomic swaps” protocol, such as zk-SNARKs based cryptocurrency like PIRATE. We have even done successful subatomic z2z private transactions swaps using subatomic swaps between PIRATE and Verus zk-SNARKs shielded transactions. Where “atomic swaps” will sure one day support zAtomic Swaps, subatomic swaps already allows swapping zk-SNARKs cryptocurrency with other cryptocurrencies on the network.
  • Subatomic swaps roughly completes a single trade in about 20 to 30 seconds each! That’s very fast as compared to “atomic swaps”. And if have the ability to understand and decide the size of your each trade, and a trustful trading partner with whom you want to trade you get cheaper and faster option to trade your funds.
  • With 1 hour order expiration time of order, the orders gets removed from the peer nodes’ run time memory, which to some extent also covers a privacy concern where no order-book and exchange methods are recorded on blockchain permanently, except the transaction which looks exactly like any other normal transaction on their respective cryptocurrency blockchain, that it’s harder to correlate with chain analysis. Of course there are still other network level of privacy concerns, which can possibly be covered by using an overlay privacy enhancing networks such as Tor, i2p, freenet, Proxy, VPN, etc.
  • Risk factors explained in the above explanations can be handled at client application level or even coded within the subatomic dApp code to enhance it’s capability to lower the chances of loss or to halt at the minimum loss possible, along with facilitating easiness to the end users.



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Satinder Grewal

Satinder Grewal

BlockChain Technology Enthusiast, IT Pro